You are the Fear that I Lost
(work in progress)

Every woman is a Woman the one that the Goddess, the Queen, the beginning of the  lifeMother, Wife, Muse, The core of all life. To know Her better, you need to find harmony with yourself and with your body. Mimicking the world of men we lose identity, we lose pure Beauty. Someone hides his Woman behind worn slogans, someone shyly shields with complexes, someone hammered her in a cage of beliefs, and someone puts it on the show so that it already hurts his eyes.

In my childhood, I often heard "you are not beautiful, you are pretty," I grew up with this knowledge and it became an indisputable axiom. This project is a therapeutic study, a search for beauty in oneself, an expedition to save my inner Woman. I want to get it out from under uncertainty, fears imposed by axioms, to consider carefully and accept what it is without comparing it with the standards, without hiding the flaws. Perhaps she will decide to stay with me, let's see ...