The happiest person in the hell
(Video performance. August 2019, Berlin, EEP Berlin gallery)

Love had gone from this reality.
Because of its stink.
She died as soon as she turned around the corner.
It's true, I held her hand and said that everything would be fine. I was lying of course. And then buried the love on the highest mountain I ever knew ... my ex’s dick.
I’m talking about that love that is shooted in movies, writed in poems, singed in songs… that one, that is R E A L. Honestly, death was her only decision. This bitch, drama queen, realized that it’s a tired anachronistic brand, that don’t give a shit about its customer’s needs, it though that it’s a coke.  Well, fuck you, love, you are defiantly not! (wiping my nose bleeding)

Or maybe it never existed? Mass insanity. Like religion for the god, but not that guy with beard on the clouds, I’m talking about Universe. Comfortable clothes. Comfortable for the middle ages, no one wearing this way nowadays.

Without love… people got boring. People lost their fucking mind without love creating robots with human warmth… what a fuck?! robots with human warmth??? Realy? There are 6 milliards of humans with human warmth around! Come on!

Without love… People got confused. Permanent scrolling of the life and partners in it, swipe on the left, swipe on the right, superlike, Instagram, facebook, I’ll find better, I’ll find smarter, I’ll find more handsome.. stop.. where was that guy… aaahhh nevermind.

Without love… people cover total loneliness with the myth of self-sufficiency. Nevertheless, loneliness is so fucking big that the myth does not fit it, myth is crumbling.

Without love… In ongoing search for feelings, we exchange for sensations, that generates the inner emptiness, but if we find some feelings we push them away, ‘coz we  don’t know what to do with them/they scared us/it’s not fashionable /we are not ready / we don’t understand what these feelings are.

Love has nothing to do with someone else; it is connected with you only. It is a way of being.
No need to share love with someone, to divide yourselves into halves, to grow together to whole. It does not even need to be multiplied, coz it’s impossible to multiply infinity. Love is a constant. It can’t get wider when you are together, it can’t get smaller when someone doesn’t love you back. Only amount of happiness in the body changes and that’s it.

Love is not an old-fashioned pink goop with mewl and moan, Love is a enormous force, it’s often destructive, like a volcano or tsunami .. but it destroys only in order to create something stronger, something new.

Love is not about eroticism, not about tenderness, not about respect, not about dependence, not about cooperation, not about duties, not about passion, not about the need for attention, not about spiritual connection and not about romanticism. It’s about all that stuff at the same time.

Humanity needs "Reinvention of the Love”. In the conditions of simultaneous exclusion and hyper connectedness. It have to stop being an emotion, but to become, according to its original meaning – the Force.