Will you continue to do what you do if no one can see the result?

2 photos from YatFTIL on the wooden sticks covered with plastic. 

Installation was showed at AkT gallery, Kyiv June 2018

Millions of Undiscovered Lives

I'm a madwoman in a sparkly wig and I'm a mother of three children, I'm a president and I'm a prostitute, raver and a chemist, I'm a musician's wife and environmentalist, I live in Kiev and India, I write and fight, I live and I do not, I man, I am a woman, I am me.

Your life is forming every second. Where did you go, drank or not, what movie you watched, with whom you met or stayed at home and looked out of the window ... everything affects at your future. Even the fact that you are reading this now. This project is about how the fate of a particular person could have developed, how many variants of lives he could have lived. "Millions of Undiscovered Lives" is a family album of one person.

Installation was showed at AkT gallery, Kyiv July 2018

Show window for ‘Vsi Svoyi’ shop

/as a curator in collaboration with Alice Yakubovich/

Skulptures made by Mariya Kulikovska