With this book, I want to prove that God / the Universe, whatever, is an artist. For this purpose I took pictures of everything that had response in my heart. Then I boiled, burnt the films, used unconventional materials for printing, splashed photographs with acid etc... I did it to give the Universe an opportunity to express itself. While working on my book I was just a transmitter, just hands, trying not to interfere into the course of events.

The paper of this book will change its color with the time, the intensity of the change depends on the amount of sunlight that falls on the book. You can leave a leaf or some other stuff on the page of the book and leave it under the sun, over time you will get an imprint from God on the page. In addition, there is a photo printed at unexposed paper in every book and it will change its appearance too. So, every owner will have an unique book in a month.

Edition of 100 copies, hand numbered
Size: 15x22.5 cm
93 pages
Plus an extra image as a small print

Price: 45€

You can order it contact me by mail


I've always been partial to the messages on the walls. They are written by people I’m not acquainted with and addressed to people whom I don’t know as well. But these inscriptions carry so much passion, naivety and sincerity ... certainly more than in many of love sms! Last letters of words that go down just because there is no enough space on the fence... grammatical errors, trivial language – it's so cute, so honest. These messages can not be just an emotional impulse, this is a balanced decision. The author wanted to be heard!
When I realized this, the "Message" project was born. The format of the postcard gives official status to the message, embedded by unknown author in the letters on the fence, puts in a row with the "tourist views" and classic plots of postal items. Active use of this form for the purpose will allow the message to acquire new meanings, and people will return to the forgotten culture of offline communication.

On demond edition
Size: 15 x 10.7 cm
Set of 50 cards

Price: 30€

You can order it contact me by mail