Svitlana Levchenko - art photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Ecologist by education, but decided to save the world in another way. She started shooting in 2014.  

In general, the style of the artist can be described as a mix of aesthetics of brutality and delicate emotional femininity, diluted with subtle perversion. The main theme of Svetlana's work is the body and its interaction with the surrounding world.

Presently she works as a volunteer at Odessa Photo Days Festival. She dreams to display Ukrainian photography to worldwide level.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Svitlana Levchenko loves the sea, shadows, books and dancing with her husband and son. Credo: Creativity is the natural order of life.


11/21/1983 – Born in Odessa, Ukraine


2015 - Bird in Flight Photo School. The course “The photographic vision”, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2016 - Cultural Photographic Center “PhotoCULT”. The course of “Conceptual photography, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2016 - Viktor Marushchenko Photo School, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2016 - MoMA "Seeing Through Photographs"


Group  exhibitions

2017 - ‘Body Language’, PHOTO KYIV FAIR, Kyiv

2017 – ‘People are strange’ ‘Vabi Sabi’, ‘Body Language’, Akt gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 – ‘Message’ /dummy/, Athens Photo Festival

2017 - ‘Posh crowd’, Festival Odesa//Batumi Photodays, Museum of Modern Art, Odesa, Ukraine

2017 - #5 from ‘People are strange’, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2017 - #87 from ‘People are strange’, Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode, Paris, France

2016 - #1 from ‘People are strange’, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, USA

2016 – ‘God is an artist’ /dummy/, Polycopies, Paris, France

2016 - ‘God is an artist’ /dummy/, LhGWR gallery, the Hague, the Netherlands

2016 – ‘Catwalk’, ‘Posh crowd’, ‘Thank you diary’, IPMA,  Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – ‘Catwalk’, ‘Posh crowd’, Akt gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

Publications and printed feature

2018 - rûm Magazine, Issue°III, Graz, Austria

2017 – ‘God is an artist’ / photobook/, Redzet LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 - ‘Message vol.2’ /photobook/, Redzet LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 – ‘Message’ /dummy/, Redzet LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – ‘God is an artist’ /dummy/, Redzet LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – Obscurae magazine, Lenoir City TN

2016 – Bird in flight,

2016 – The Ukranians II, Lviv, Ukraine /photo illustrations/

2015 – The Ukranians, Lviv, Ukraine /photo illustrations/

2015 – La Boussole, Odessa Ukraine /cover, photo illustrations/

Artist statement

Creativity for me is an escape. Escape into the inner world from external imperfections. You can consider my work as a struggle against the ugliness of everyday life. In the country where I live, the aesthetics of everyday life is not the first necessity, that pumps the skill to seek out beautiful, and it generates the need to create to support internal aesthetic balance.

I specialize in portraits of people and the world around them. Photographing portraits is my necessity, this is the air I breath.

When I am working, I feel love, the love they sing about under the rain in the films and the brighter that love, the stronger result I get. A day without creativity I find useless.

December 2016